Principal Topics


GGENERAL AVERAGEGeneral Average Expenses, see Collision 256.  

GGENERAL AVERAGELien for, see Maritime Liens 114.  

GGENERAL AVERAGEMarine Insurance, generally.  

GGENERAL AVERAGESalvage, generally.  

GGENERAL AVERAGEWar, generally.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE11. General Principles.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE13. York-Antwerp Rules.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE15. Voluntary Stranding.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE17. Loss of Anchors and Chains.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE18. Fuel Supply Running Short.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE20. Excessive Use of Machinery.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE22. Salvage Expenses.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE26. Allowances.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE27. Contributory Values.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE28. Actions to Enforce G.A.  

GGENERAL AVERAGE281. Government Cargo.