Principal Topics

Principal Topics (Headnotes)

This feature will permit you to select from a list principal topics on the left column and display the list of subtopics (headnotes) that correlate to the headnotes within each case in a window to the right.

If the subtopic (headnote) is blue, the link will produce search results for cases that contain that topic/subtopic. Please use the same method that is used for displaying any search result.

If the subtopic (headnote) is black, then there are not any search results for that subtopic (headnote).

For example, the topic, Article and Wages, shows its subtopics which include 1542 Discharge of Mutual Consent where each numbered subtopic above 1542 (15, 154 and 1542) as additional subtopics within the list.

Notice, selecting the subtopic, 1542 Discharge of Mutual Consent, shows a list of cases as search results. For example, the case, 2002 AMC 2198, is one of the search results. Displaying that case, shows the topic, Articles and Wages, and subtopic, 1542 Discharge of Mutual Consent, highlighted.