Principal Topics


VVESSELArticles Earmarked For, see Maritime Liens 21.  

VVESSELBurnt, see Marine Insurance 159.  

VVESSELCapacity, Type and Fitness, see Charter 143 and 1534.  

VVESSELCitizenship of Owner or Charterer, see Title 102.  

VVESSELCredit To, see Maritime Liens 125, 21, 25.  

VVESSELDamage to Shore Structures, see Jurisdiction 116.  

VVESSELDemise, see Charter 148 and 1631.  

VVESSELDocumentation of, see Title 11, 12, 13.  

VVESSELDredges and Equipment, see Dredges, generally.  

VVESSELEmployees on Laid-up Vessel, see Seamen 1126.  

VVESSELEntitled to Salvage, see Salvage 118.  

VVESSELEquipment Required by Statute, see Collision 161.  

VVESSELFerries, Status as Vessels, see Vessel 11.  

VVESSELFishing Vessel on Lays, see Articles and Wages 18.  

VVESSELFlag of Convenience, see Title 103.  

VVESSELForeign Flag Vessel, see Title 104.  

VVESSELForeign Government, see Jurisdiction 1423.  

VVESSELGoing Astern, see Collision 1452, 1481.  

VVESSELHome Port, see Title 13.  

VVESSELIn Custodia Legis, see Jurisdiction 147, Maritime Liens 113.  

VVESSELIn District, see Suits in Admiralty Act 13.  

VVESSELIn United States, see Jurisdiction 14.  

VVESSEL"Just Compensation," see War 1211.  

VVESSELLaid up, see Personal Injury 13112.  

VVESSELLiens, Vessels Subject To, see Maritime Liens 113.  

VVESSELLoad Line, see Vessel 192.  

VVESSELLost, Sold or Damaged, see Articles and Wages 176.  

VVESSELLost or Not Lost, see Affreightment 1424.  

VVESSELManning, see Collision 161.  

VVESSELMerchant Vessel, see Jurisdiction 141, Suits in Admiralty Act 142, 143.  

VVESSELNamed, see Affreightment 13, B/L 152.  

VVESSELNavigation, Vessel in, see Vessel 11, Personal Injury 13, Repairmen 19.  

VVESSELNot in United States, see Suits in Admiralty Act 13.  

VVESSELOffshore Oil Craft, see Personal Injury 1792.  

VVESSELOf United States, see Title 10.  

VVESSELPersonification of, see Practice 121.  

VVESSELPersonnel Required by Statute, see Collision 161.  

VVESSELPrivate, see Jurisdiction 141.  

VVESSELPublic Vessel, see Jurisdiction 142, Suits in Admiralty Act 14.  

VVESSELReconstruction, see Maritime Liens 1435.  

VVESSELRegistry of, see Title 11.  

VVESSELSale, Effect on Liens, see Maritime Liens 264.  

VVESSELSale of Vessel, see Title 15.  

VVESSELStakeboats, see Collision 152.  

VVESSELSubject to Lien, see Maritime Liens 113.  

VVESSELSunk, see Marine Insurance 152.  

VVESSELUnlawful Use, see Maritime Liens 1131, Mortgages 144.  

VVESSELUsed Jointly with Another Vessel, see Collision 275 (damage).  

VVESSELValue Surrendered, see Limitation of Liability 161.  

VVESSELVessel not in District, see Jurisdiction 1411, Suits in Admiralty Act 13.  

VVESSELWar and Public Vessels, see Jurisdiction 1421.  

VVESSELWhat Vessels Subject to Suit, see Suits in Admiralty Act 14.  

VVESSELWreck, generally.  

VVESSEL115. Boats Aboard.  

VVESSEL14. Laid Up.  

VVESSEL16. Beached.  

VVESSEL17. Sunk.  

VVESSEL182. Dry Docks.  

VVESSEL19. Measurement.  

VVESSEL21. Valuation.  

VVESSEL211. Depreciation.