Principal Topics


DDAMAGESThis topic has been subdivided with numbered titles for cases printed in 1993 and thereafter. The new outline is located at page 376.  

DDAMAGESAffreightment 22.  

DDAMAGESAids 12.  

DDAMAGESApportionment of, see B/L 216, Collision 243.  

DDAMAGESBreach of Charter, see Charter 25, Death 15, Maritime Liens 176.  

DDAMAGESBreach of Contract, see Contract 17 and Maritime Liens 176.  

DDAMAGESBridge, see Aids 12.  

DDAMAGESCargo Damage, see Affreightment 1523, B/L 21-214, Charter 156.  

DDAMAGESCollision, see Collision 24.  

DDAMAGESConstructive Total Loss, see Collision 241, Marine Insurance 1522.  


DDAMAGESDeviation 143.  

DDAMAGESDiscovery as to, see Practice 158.  

DDAMAGESDredges, generally.  

DDAMAGESDuty to Minimize, see Bills of Lading 215, Collision 272, Towing 19.  

DDAMAGESExemplary, see Death 17, Personal Injury 1423.  

DDAMAGESFor Death, see Death 15, 17.  

DDAMAGESInterest on, see Practice 34.  

DDAMAGESJoint Tortfeasors, see Indemnity and Contribution 21, Practice 1244.  

DDAMAGESLoss of Catch of Fish, see Collision 267.  

DDAMAGESLoss of Consortium, Society, Nurture, etc., see Personal Injury 1424.  

DDAMAGESLoss of Extra Equipment, see Collision 278.  

DDAMAGESLoss of Wages of Seamen, see Articles and Wages 17, 18.  

DDAMAGESMental Pain, see Personal Injury 1422.  

DDAMAGESMinimizing, Duty of, see B/L 215, Collision 272, Towing 142.  

DDAMAGES"New for Old" Allowance, see Collision 2453.  

DDAMAGESPain, see Personal Injury 1422.  

DDAMAGESPassenger Contract, Breach of, see Passengers 127.  

DDAMAGESPersonal Injury, see Personal Injury 142.  

DDAMAGESPunitive Damages, see Death 17, Personal Injury 1423.  

DDAMAGESRemoving Wreck, see Wreck 142.  

DDAMAGESRepairmen's Negligence, see Repairmen 146, 15, 16.  

DDAMAGESReview by U.S. Court of Appeals, see Practice 31, 319.  

DDAMAGESSalvors, see Salvage 123.  

DDAMAGESStevedores 13.  

DDAMAGESSuffered by Salvors, see Salvage 124.  

DDAMAGESSuffering, see Personal Injury 1422.  

DDAMAGESTowing 19.  

DDAMAGESVessel Damage, see Charter 1631.  

DDAMAGESWreck 141.  

DDAMAGESYachts 18.  


DDAMAGES(Effective January 1, 1993)  

DDAMAGESDamages issues may be treated elsewhere under other principal topics.  

DDAMAGES11. In General.  

DDAMAGES12. Personal Injury, Illness, and Death (see Death 17, Personal Injury 142, et seq. in earlier Digests).  

DDAMAGES1211. Past.  

DDAMAGES1212. Future.  

DDAMAGES123. Expenses.  

DDAMAGES1231. Medical Expenses (see also Passengers 18).  

DDAMAGES1232. Funeral Expenses (see also Passengers 18).  

DDAMAGES129. Non-Pecuniary Losses (see Personal Injury 1422. in earlier Digests).  

DDAMAGES1291. Loss of Consortium (see Personal Injury 1424in earlier Digests).  

DDAMAGES14. Damage to Vessel or Fixed Property (see Collision 24, et seq., Towing 19, et seq., Wreck 14, et seq. in earlier Digests; for cargo damages, see Bills of Lading 21, et seq.).  

DDAMAGES141. Total Loss.  

DDAMAGES1411. Valuation Methods (see also Vessel 21.).  

DDAMAGES1423. Drydocking.  

DDAMAGES1441. Wreck Removal (see Wreck 12, 142, 143in earlier Digests).  

DDAMAGES14422. Cargo and Bailments of Others (for carrying vessel's liability see Bills of Lading 21, et seq.).  

DDAMAGES151. Expectation.  

DDAMAGES16. Revenue Losses (see Collision 24, et seq., Charter 25. in earlier Digests).  

DDAMAGES161. Loss of Use of Vessel or Other Property (see also Demurrage; for cargo see Bills of Lading 21, et seq.).  

DDAMAGES164. Evaluation.  

DDAMAGES171. Liquidated Damages (see also Demurrage).  

DDAMAGES173. Interest (see Practice 34. in earlier Digests; for cases involving U.S., see U.S. 134, Suits in Admiralty Act 25).  

DDAMAGES1734. Allowance for Inflation.  

DDAMAGES181. Statutory Penalties (see also Immigration 15, Navigation and Customs Laws 17, et seq., Wharves and Terminals 18).  

DDAMAGES1831. Grounds.  

DDAMAGES1832. Measure.  

DDAMAGES191. Proportions.  

DDAMAGES1932.  Vessel Owner .    

DDAMAGES22. Practice.  


DDEATHNote: This Topic deals solely with the rights of action which survive or are created by statute. For liabilities to various classes of persons injured or killed, see ">Longshoremen's Act and Personal Injury, generally.  

DDEATHAircraft, Jurisdiction, see Jurisdiction 127.  

DDEATHBurial Expenses, see Seamen 131.  

DDEATHCollision 251.  

DDEATHCriminal Negligence, see Collision 160.  

DDEATHDeath of Party to Suit, see Practice 146.  

DDEATHDeceased Seamen's effects, see Seamen 13.  

DDEATHIllness 13.  

DDEATHLimitation of Shipowner's Liability to $60 per Ton, see Limitation of Liability 1611.  

DDEATHLimitation of Time to Sue, see Laches and Limitations 113.  

DDEATHLongshoremen's Act 173.  

DDEATHPassengers 17.  

DDEATHSeamen's Death During Voyage, see Articles and Wages 1761.  

DDEATHStevedores 12.  

DDEATH122. Jones Act. (See also Personal Injury 13-1392, 1443, 14431).  

DDEATH125. Territorial Law and Statutes.  

DDEATH17. Damages. (For Personal Injury cases, see also Personal Injury 142; henceforth see Damages 12).  



DDEMURRAGEAgents 115.  

DDEMURRAGECollision 247.  

DDEMURRAGEDeviation 136.  

DDEMURRAGEDispatch, see Charter 138.  


DDEMURRAGELien for, see Maritime Liens 179.  

DDEMURRAGEStrikes, see 31-315, Bills of Lading 1956, Deviation 1356.  

DDEMURRAGEWharfage Charges, see Wharves 15.  

DDEMURRAGE11. In General.  

DDEMURRAGE14. Delay.  

DDEMURRAGE16. Force Majeure.  

DDEMURRAGE17. Lay Days.  

DDEMURRAGE19. Actions.  


DDEVIATIONInsurance, see Marine Insurance 174, 1822.  

DDEVIATIONLiberty to Deviate, see B/L 1958.  

DDEVIATIONTransshipment, see B/L 18.  

DDEVIATIONWarranty, see Marine Insurance 1822.  

DDEVIATION11. In General.  

DDEVIATION13. Definition.  

DDEVIATION134. Transshipment.  

DDEVIATION137. Stowing Goods on Deck as Deviation. (See also B/L 1551).  

DDEVIATION139. Who is Liable.  

DDEVIATION142. Customary Route.  

DDEVIATION143. Damages  


DDREDGESCharacter as Vessels, see Vessel 18.  

DDREDGESCollision With, see Collision 1491.  

DDREDGESDamages For Detention, see Collision 247.  

DDREDGESInsurance against Liability, see Marine Insurance 178.  

DDREDGESSignals, see Collision 1333.  

DDREDGES111. As Vessels.  

DDREDGES1121. Customs Duty on Repairs.  

DDREDGES12. Construction, Sale and Charter.  

DDREDGES121. Construction.  

DDREDGES122. Sale.  

DDREDGES123. Charter.  

DDREDGES13. Operation.  

DDREDGES14. Crew.  

DDREDGES141. Status.  

DDREDGES152. Repairs.  

DDREDGES1531. Valuation.  


DDRYDOCKSCharter 15341.  

DDRYDOCKSDrydocking after Collision, see Collision 248.  

DDRYDOCKSFloating Drydocks, Character, see Vessel 182.  

DDRYDOCKSInjury occurring on, see Personal Injury 17112.  

DDRYDOCKSJurisdiction 155.  

DDRYDOCKSMaritime Liens 145.  

DDRYDOCKSNegligent Operation of, see Repairmen 111, 19.  

DDRYDOCKSTug, Duty of, see Towing 1611.  

DDRYDOCKSVessel 182.