Principal Topics


CCANALSCollision 143, 153, 155, 22.  

CCANALSNarrow Channel, see Collision 143.  

CCANALSTowing, generally.  

CCANALS13. Regulation.  

CCANALS153. Overtaking.  

CCANALS155. Speed.  

CCANALS156. Signals.  

CCANALS158. Right of Way.  

CCANALS159. Obstruction.  

CCANALS161. Fog.  

CCANALS221. Panama Canal.  

CCANALS2262. Cape Cod Canal.  

CCANALS228. Other Canals.  


CCARGO COMMODITIESAffreightment, generally.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESBailment, generally.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESBills of Lading, generally.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESCharter (Demise) 1423, (Rate) 156.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESDeck Cargo, Injury by, see Personal Injury 1741.  


CCARGO COMMODITIESGear, Injury by, see Personal Injury 173-1739.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESGovernment owned, see Suits in Admiralty Act 15-16.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESLien on, see Maritime Liens 114.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESMarine Insurance 1643.  


CCARGO COMMODITIESMaster's Duties, see Master 13.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESOwned by Government, see Suits in Admiralty Act 15-16.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESPresumptions as to Conditions, see Evidence 115.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESSpecial Source, see Charter 15382.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESSurveys, see Evidence 18.  


CCARGO COMMODITIESUnseaworthiness because of, see B/L 155 and 1967, Personal Injury 174.  

CCARGO COMMODITIESWharfowner's Duties, see Wharves 164.  


CCHARTERAliens, Charter to, see Title 102.  

CCHARTERAs Private Carrier, see Affreightment 16, B/L 124, Navigation and Customs Laws, generally.  

CCHARTERAssignment of Freight, see Affreightment 1431.  

CCHARTERAuthority as to Lien, see Maritime Liens 228.  

CCHARTERAuthority of Broker, see Agents 15.  

CCHARTERAuthority of Owner of Time Chartered Vessel, see Maritime Liens 22.  

CCHARTERCargo Damage, see Bills of Lading.  

CCHARTER"Charterer Shall Provide and Pay For," see Maritime Liens 253.  

CCHARTER"Charterer to Pay All Charges," see Maritime Liens 252.  

CCHARTERCharterer's Agent, see Agents and Brokers 14, Maritime Liens 22-24, generally.  

CCHARTERCharterer's Risk Insurance, see Marine Insurance 293.  

CCHARTERChartering Broker, see Agents 14, Charter 123.  

CCHARTERCharter or Bill of Lading, see Bills of Lading 158.  

CCHARTERDelay, see Charter 131, Demurrage 14.  

CCHARTERDemurrage, generally.  

CCHARTERDetention, see Demurrage, generally.  

CCHARTERFreight, see Affreightment, generally.  

CCHARTERHypothecation of Charter Hire or Freight, see Mortgages 12.  

CCHARTERLay Days, see Demurrage 17.  

CCHARTERLiability for Demurrage, see Demurrage 112.  

CCHARTERLiability for Collision, see Collision 254.  

CCHARTERLiability for Deviation, see Deviation 139.  

CCHARTERLien for Damage for Breach, see Maritime Liens 176.  

CCHARTERLien, Limitation on Charterer to Create, see Maritime Liens 228.  

CCHARTERProhibition of Lien Clause, see Maritime Liens 251.  

CCHARTERRequisition, see War 12.  

CCHARTERRights to Salvage, see Salvage 118.  

CCHARTERSigning Bills of Lading, see B/L 133.  

CCHARTERStrikes, see B/L 1956, Labor 31.  

CCHARTERSuits in Admiralty Act, see Suits in Admiralty Act 151.  

CCHARTERWar Situations, see War, generally.  

CCHARTERWhether Charter or B/L Governs, see B/L 158.  

CCHARTER122. Law Governing.  

CCHARTER123. Authority to Make (see also Agents 14, 15).  

CCHARTER124. Ratification.  

CCHARTER1262. Term.  

CCHARTER1264. Insurance.  

CCHARTER1266.Damage to Cargo.  

CCHARTER1275. Withdrawal.  

CCHARTER13. Hire (see also Affreightment 14).  

CCHARTER136. Time Lost at Sea, see 1541.  

CCHARTER139. Dead Freight.  

CCHARTER142. Seaworthiness (see also 163).  

CCHARTER148. Vessel Lost or Damaged (see also 1631).  

CCHARTER149. Redelivery.  

CCHARTER15122. War Clause (see also War, generally).  

CCHARTER15124. Strike Clause (see also B/L 1956).  

CCHARTER152. Breach.  

CCHARTER15351. Safe Port.  

CCHARTER1537. "Ready to Load." (see also Demurrage, generally).  

CCHARTER15384. Ballast.  

CCHARTER1542. Fuel (see also B/L 1213, Bunkers, generally).  

CCHARTER1543. Redelivery.  

CCHARTER1544. Discharge.  

CCHARTER16. Harbor Charter.  

CCHARTER161. Demise (see also 14).  

CCHARTER163. Warranty of Seaworthiness (see also 142).  

CCHARTER1634. Duty of Bargee (see also Bargee, generally).  

CCHARTER17. Sub-Charter.  

CCHARTER21. Cesser Clause.  

CCHARTER22. Liens (see also Maritime Liensgenerally).  

CCHARTER24. Actions and Arbitrations (see also Arbitration, generally).  

CCHARTER25. Damages (see henceforth Damages 16).  



CCOLLISIONCollision Digest 1993 to date.  


CCOLLISIONAids, Beacons and Buoys, see also Aids 111-112.  

CCOLLISIONBridges, see also Aids 115.  

CCOLLISIONCanals, see also Canals generally.  

CCOLLISIONCharts, Duty to follow, see also Aids 14.  

CCOLLISIONCoast Guard, see Regulation 1162.  

CCOLLISIONDamages, see also Damages generally.  

CCOLLISIONDeath, generally.  

CCOLLISIONDeviation, generally.  

CCOLLISIONDredges, generally.  

CCOLLISIONEvidence, generally.  

CCOLLISIONGeneral Average, generally.  

CCOLLISIONGyro-compass Records, see also Evidence 135.  

CCOLLISIONJurisdiction, see also Jurisdiction generally.  

CCOLLISIONLiens for Collision Damages, see Maritime Liens 127.  

CCOLLISIONMarine Insurance in Collision Cases, see Marine Insurance 162-163.  

CCOLLISIONMotor Boat Acts, see Yachts 23.  

CCOLLISIONPiers and Wharves, see also Wharves 17.  

CCOLLISIONPipelines, Submarine Cables and Tunnels, Damage to, see also Aids 1141.  

CCOLLISIONPractice and Procedure, see also Practice, generally.  

CCOLLISIONProximate Cause, see also Negligence.  

CCOLLISIONSalvage, generally.  

CCOLLISIONSignals, Duty to Obey, see also Aids 14.  

CCOLLISIONSister Ships, see Marine Insurance 1631.  

CCOLLISIONTime for Suit, see Laches 116.  

CCOLLISIONUncharted Obstructions, see also Aids 15, Towing 1324.  

CCOLLISIONUnited States as Party to Collision Suits, see also United States 131.  

CCOLLISIONValuation of Vessels, see Damages 1411-1412, Vessel 21.  

CCOLLISIONWreck, see Wreck 141.  

CCOLLISIONYachts, see also Yachts 12.  

CCOLLISION11. In General.  

CCOLLISION112. Statutes and Rules (For Pennsylvania rule see 2321).  

CCOLLISION1122. Small Boats. (See also Yachts 12).  

CCOLLISION114. Causation.  

CCOLLISION12. Jurisdiction and Choice of Law. (See also Jurisdiction, generally).  

CCOLLISION123. In Personam, in rem.  

CCOLLISION1302. Application and Exemptions (Inland Rules 1 and 38).  

CCOLLISION1304. Definitions (Rule 3).  

CCOLLISION13111. Observance of Compass Bearing.  

CCOLLISION13112. Radar Plotting.  

CCOLLISION1320. When Rules Apply (Rule 20).  

CCOLLISION13201. Definitions (Rule 21).  

CCOLLISION1321. Colored Lights.  

CCOLLISION1322. Range Lights.  

CCOLLISION13271. Small Vessel Exception (Rule 23(a)(i)).  

CCOLLISION1328. Stern Light.  

CCOLLISION1340. In General.  

CCOLLISION13401. Definitions (Rule 32).  

CCOLLISION13402. Equipment for Sound Signals (Rule 33 and Annex III).  

CCOLLISION134111. Meaning of Short Blast Signals (Rule 34(a)).  

CCOLLISION134112. Supplemental Light Signals (Rule 34(b)).  

CCOLLISION13412. Maneuvering Signals Under Inland Rules (Rule 34).  

CCOLLISION134122. Crossed Signals.  

CCOLLISION1342. Alarm Signals.  

CCOLLISION13422. Signals to Attract Attention (Rule 36).  

CCOLLISION13423. Distress Signals (Rule 37 and Annex IV).  

CCOLLISION1346. Drawbridge Signals. (see also Aids 1151).  

CCOLLISION135. Electronic Devices. (see also 1474).  

CCOLLISION1351. Radar and ARPA.  

CCOLLISION1352. Sonar.  

CCOLLISION1353. Radio Telephone. (See also 134126).  

CCOLLISION1354. Loran.  

CCOLLISION1355. Fathometer.  

CCOLLISION1356. Others.  

CCOLLISION1361. Safe Speed.  

CCOLLISION13611. Readiness of Engines.  

CCOLLISION13621. Vessels Underway.  

CCOLLISION13623. Reversing.  

CCOLLISION1363. Stop and Reverse in Fog. (see also 13623, 146).  

CCOLLISION1372. Vessel Traffic Services (Regulations under Inland Rule 10).  

CCOLLISION13822. Sailing Vessels Underway.  

CCOLLISION13823. Vessels Not Under Command.  

CCOLLISION13825. Vessels Constrained by Draft (COLREGS 19(d)).  

CCOLLISION13827. Seaplanes on Water.  

CCOLLISION1421. Definitions and Distinctions.  

CCOLLISION1423. Effect of Changes in Bearing.  

CCOLLISION143. Narrow Channels and Fairways (Rule 9). (See also Canals, generally).  

CCOLLISION1430. Definitions.  

CCOLLISION1432. Swell Damage, Wash: see 14421.  

CCOLLISION1435. River Navigation, Right-of-Way. (See also 14312).  

CCOLLISION144. Safe Speed (Rule 6).  

CCOLLISION14421. Swell Damage.  

CCOLLISION14423. Propeller Race.  

CCOLLISION14424. Smelling Bottom or Bank. (For pre-1993 AMC cases see 1436).  

CCOLLISION145. Course in General.  

CCOLLISION1452. Vessel Going Astern. (see also 1481).  

CCOLLISION146. Stop and Reverse. (See also 1363).  

CCOLLISION147. Lookout (Rule 5).  

CCOLLISION1471. Position on Vessel.  

CCOLLISION1472. Propeller Watch.  

CCOLLISION148-149. Special Circumstances, General Precautionary Rule (Rule 2).  

CCOLLISION1483. Fishing Vessels.  

CCOLLISION1487. Unlawful Passing Agreements.  

CCOLLISION1488. War Conditions: see 113.  

CCOLLISION1493. Drifting Vessel.  

CCOLLISION1497. Ice.  

CCOLLISION150. Errors in Extremis, Holding on Too Long. (For dropping anchor, see 1491).  

CCOLLISION152. Stakeboats.  

CCOLLISION153. Tug and Tow. (See also Towing, generally).  

CCOLLISION154. Ferryboats.  

CCOLLISION155. Fixed Structures.  

CCOLLISION1571. Submarines.  

CCOLLISION158. Fireboats.  

CCOLLISION160. Criminal Proceedings for Negligence. (See also 1305).  

CCOLLISION162. Unseaworthiness.  

CCOLLISION164. Negligence.  

CCOLLISION165. Defective Equipment. (See also 151).  

CCOLLISION166. Last Clear Chance. (For pre-1993 AMC Cases see 148).  

CCOLLISION21. Inland Navigation Rules: see 130.  

CCOLLISION221. Panama Canal. (See also Canals 221).  

CCOLLISION222. Great Lakes.  

CCOLLISION2264. Hampton Roads.  

CCOLLISION2267. Savannah River.  

CCOLLISION2284. New York Harbor.  

CCOLLISION2285. Seattle Harbor.  

CCOLLISION23. Practice in Collision Cases. (See also Practice, generally).  

CCOLLISION231. Burden of Proof.  

CCOLLISION23241. Witnesses.  

CCOLLISION24. Damages. (For Valuation of Vessels see Vessels 21.) (See also Damages, generally).  

CCOLLISION2434. Proportional Fault. (See also Damages 191, 192).  

CCOLLISION245. Repairs: see Damages 142.  

CCOLLISION248. Drydocking: see Damages 1423.  

CCOLLISION253. Freight: see Damages 16.  

CCOLLISION256. General Average Expenses: see Damages 144, see also General Averagegenerally.  

CCOLLISION257. Survey Fees: see Damages 1443.  

CCOLLISION259. Towage: see Damages 144.  

CCOLLISION261. Watchmen: see Damages 144.  

CCOLLISION262. Wharfage: see Damages 144.  

CCOLLISION266. Insurance: see Damages 144.  

CCOLLISION267. Catch of Fish: see Damages 16.  

CCOLLISION268. Bonds: see Damages 144; see also Practice 21-122.  

CCOLLISION269. Interest on Damages: see Damages 173. (For Interest in Suits against United States, see United States 134).  

CCOLLISION271. Liability to Cargo: see Damages 14422. (For Both-to-Blame Clause, see Bills of Lading 1973).  

CCOLLISION277. Salvage: see Damages 1412, 142, 143, 144, 1441.  



CCONSTITUTIONJurisdiction, 11.  

CCONSTITUTIONLongshoremen's Act, 11, 135 and 136.  

CCONSTITUTIONShip Mortgage, see Mortgages 152.  

CCONSTITUTIONStatutes, generally.  

CCONSTITUTIONTaxation, generally.  

CCONSTITUTIONWorkers' Compensation 12.  

CCONSTITUTION101. Takings.  

CCONSTITUTION102. Due Process.  

CCONSTITUTION103. Equal Protection.  

CCONSTITUTION104. Jury Trial.  

CCONSTITUTION105. Taxation.  

CCONSTITUTION106. Search and Seizure.  


CCONSTITUTION111. Uniformity.  

CCONSTITUTION113. Seizure of Vessel, see also War 12.  

CCONSTITUTION21. Powers of Congress.  

CCONSTITUTION213. Supremacy.  

CCONSTITUTION31. Powers of States.  

CCONSTITUTION312. Powers of Municipalities. (See also Taxation, generally).  

CCONSTITUTION41. Powers of President.  

CCONSTITUTION51. United Nations.  


CCONTAINERS(See also B/L 1558).  


CCONTRACTSAccord and Satisfaction.  

CCONTRACTSAffreightment 11, 12, 15, 16.  

CCONTRACTSAgents and Brokers.  

CCONTRACTSArbitration 11.  

CCONTRACTSArticles and Wages.  

CCONTRACTSBills of Lading.  


CCONTRACTSEvidence 12 (Parol Evidence Rule.)  

CCONTRACTSGeneral Average.  

CCONTRACTSJurisdiction 15.  

CCONTRACTSMarine Insurance.  

CCONTRACTSMortgages of Vessels.  

CCONTRACTSPassengers 12.  

CCONTRACTSRepairmen 13.  

CCONTRACTSSale of Goods.  

CCONTRACTSSale of Vessel.  




CCONTRACTSTowing 113.  


CCONTRACTS11. Law Governing.  

CCONTRACTS12. Formation.  

CCONTRACTS121. Capacity to Contract.  

CCONTRACTS123. Consideration.  

CCONTRACTS131. Parties Bound.  

CCONTRACTS134. Conditions.  

CCONTRACTS135. Assignability  

CCONTRACTS14. Legality.  

CCONTRACTS15. Performance.  

CCONTRACTS16. Defenses.  

CCONTRACTS163. Waiver.  




CCOURTSAppellate Jurisdiction, see Practice 311.  

CCOURTSComity, see practice 2824.  

CCOURTSEastern and Southern Districts of N.Y., see Jurisdiction 124.  

CCOURTSEquity, see Jurisdiction 18.  

CCOURTSJudicial Notice, see Evidence 117.  

CCOURTSMaritime or Common Law, Applicability of, see Jurisdiction 1121.  

CCOURTSTucker Act, see United States 12.  

CCOURTS11. In General.  

CCOURTS1111. Discretion.  

CCOURTS(See also Suits in Admiralty Act 213, United States 12, generally).  

CCOURTS139. U.S. Tax Court.  

CCOURTS14. State Courts.  


CCRIMESBarratry, see Marine Insurance 1671.  

CCRIMESBar to Naturalization, see Immigration 111.  

CCRIMESCriminal Negligence, see Collision 160.  

CCRIMESCustoms Laws, see Nav. & Cust. Laws 1722.  

CCRIMESMutiny, see Labor 314.  

CCRIMESStowaway's Escape, see Immigration 14.  


CCUSTOMSee also Collision 148, 22.