Principal Topics


BBAILMENTAffreightment 11, 16.  


BBAILMENTRepairmen, generally.  

BBAILMENTStevedores 13.  

BBAILMENTTowing 111.  



BBARGEESee Articles and Wages, generally, Charter 1634, Dredges 14-145, ">Longshoremen's Act, generally, Seamen, generally and Towing 142.  


BBILLS OF LADINGAffreightment, generally.  

BBILLS OF LADINGBunkers, see Charter 1542, Bunkers generally.  

BBILLS OF LADINGCharter or Bill of Lading, see Bills of Lading 158.  

BBILLS OF LADINGCommodities, Particular, see Cargo Commodities.  

BBILLS OF LADINGConnecting Carrier, see Affreightment 18.  

BBILLS OF LADINGCustom, generally.  

BBILLS OF LADINGDemurrage, generally.  

BBILLS OF LADINGDeviation, generally.  

BBILLS OF LADINGDiversion, see Deviation 135.  

BBILLS OF LADINGEvidence, generally.  

BBILLS OF LADINGF.O.B. Contract, see Sale of Goods.  

BBILLS OF LADINGFreight, see Affreightment 14.  

BBILLS OF LADINGJason Clause, see General Average 12.  

BBILLS OF LADINGJurisdictional Clauses, see Jurisdiction 114, Bills of Lading 1972.  

BBILLS OF LADINGOn Deck or Under Deck, see Bills of Lading 1551, Marine Insurance 168, 183.  

BBILLS OF LADINGPrepaid Freight, see Affreightment 1424.  

BBILLS OF LADINGPresumption, see Evidence 115.  

BBILLS OF LADINGPrivate Carrier, see Affreightment 16, Charter generally.  

BBILLS OF LADINGSpecial Contracts, see Affreightment 16.  

BBILLS OF LADINGStowage "On Vessel's Skin at Shipper's Risk," see Charter 1561.  

BBILLS OF LADINGUnder charter, see Charter 151.  

BBILLS OF LADINGWar clauses, see Affreightment 1527, War, generally.  

BBILLS OF LADING11. In General.  

BBILLS OF LADING111. Definition of B/L.  

BBILLS OF LADING112. Parties to B/L.  

BBILLS OF LADING1121. Shipper.  

BBILLS OF LADING1122. Consignee.  

BBILLS OF LADING1123. Pledgee.  

BBILLS OF LADING1124. Indorsee.  

BBILLS OF LADING1125. Carrier.  

BBILLS OF LADING113. Dock Receipts.  

BBILLS OF LADING1131. Form and Requisites.  

BBILLS OF LADING1132. Delivery.  

BBILLS OF LADING1133. Effect and Operation.  

BBILLS OF LADING114. Delivery Order.  

BBILLS OF LADING12. Statutory Requirements.  

BBILLS OF LADING1211. Exculpatory Clauses.  

BBILLS OF LADING1212. Due Diligence.  

BBILLS OF LADING12121. Sufficiency of Tests.  

BBILLS OF LADING1213. Seaworthiness  

BBILLS OF LADING12131. Voyage by Stages.  

BBILLS OF LADING12132. Overloading (see also Charter 1538, Vessel 192).  

BBILLS OF LADING1215. Latent Defect.  

BBILLS OF LADING1231. Miscellaneous Acts.  

BBILLS OF LADING124. Clause Paramount.  

BBILLS OF LADING125. What Law Controls. See also 1972.  

BBILLS OF LADING13. Validity.  

BBILLS OF LADING131. Signature of Master.  

BBILLS OF LADING134. Delivery to Vessel.  

BBILLS OF LADING135. Sailing of Vessel.  

BBILLS OF LADING136. Delivery to Consignee.  

BBILLS OF LADING14. B/L as Receipt.  

BBILLS OF LADING15. B/L as Contract of Carriage (see also Affreightment 113).  

BBILLS OF LADING151. Goods Specified.  

BBILLS OF LADING152. Vessel, see Affreightment 131, 132.  

BBILLS OF LADING153. Destination.  

BBILLS OF LADING153. For Safe Port, see Charter 15351.  

BBILLS OF LADING154. Route, see Deviation, generally.  

BBILLS OF LADING155. Stowage and Carriage.  

BBILLS OF LADING1552. Carrier's Option.  

BBILLS OF LADING1553. Special Stowage.  

BBILLS OF LADING15531. Refrigerated or Cool.  

BBILLS OF LADING1554. Dunnage.  

BBILLS OF LADING1555. Hatch Coverings.  

BBILLS OF LADING1556. Shifting Boards.  

BBILLS OF LADING1558. Containers.  

BBILLS OF LADING158. Charter or B/L.  

BBILLS OF LADING159. Antecedent Contracts (see also Affreightment 113).  


BBILLS OF LADING1712. During Loading.  

BBILLS OF LADING1713. During Discharge.  

BBILLS OF LADING1714. Shifting Cargo.  

BBILLS OF LADING173. Delay (see also Deviation 136).  

BBILLS OF LADING1731. Delay in Customs.  

BBILLS OF LADING1741. Shrinkage, Ullage.  

BBILLS OF LADING175. Over Carriage.  

BBILLS OF LADING177. Conversion, Fraud.  

BBILLS OF LADING18. Transshipment (see also Affreightment 18).  

BBILLS OF LADING1911. Damage by Water.  

BBILLS OF LADING193. Inherent Vice, Decay.  

BBILLS OF LADING1931. Faults of Shipper.  

BBILLS OF LADING1932. Perishables.  

BBILLS OF LADING1933. Dangerous Goods.  

BBILLS OF LADING1934. Live Animals.  

BBILLS OF LADING1935. Vermin.  

BBILLS OF LADING195. Particular Clauses.  

BBILLS OF LADING1951. Limitation of Value (see also 21-214).  

BBILLS OF LADING1952. Notice of Claim.  

BBILLS OF LADING1953. Time to Sue.  

BBILLS OF LADING1956. Strike Clause.  

BBILLS OF LADING1958. Liberty to Deviate, see Deviation, generally.  


BBILLS OF LADING1963. Leakage.  

BBILLS OF LADING1964. Sweat.  


BBILLS OF LADING19691. Restraint of Princes.  

BBILLS OF LADING19692. Quarantine.  


BBILLS OF LADING1971. Lighterage (see also Lighterage generally).  

BBILLS OF LADING1972. Jurisdiction or Arbitration of Controversies. (See also 125).  

BBILLS OF LADING1973. "Both to Blame" Clause.  

BBILLS OF LADING1975. Himalaya Clause.  

BBILLS OF LADING21. Damages.  

BBILLS OF LADING211. Measure of Damages.  

BBILLS OF LADING212. Decline in Market Value.  

BBILLS OF LADING213. Damages for Lost Business.  

BBILLS OF LADING215. Duty to Minimize.  

BBILLS OF LADING216. Apportionment.  

BBILLS OF LADING22. Actions. For Discovery and Interrogatories, see Practice 158. For Burden of Proof, see 19.  

BBILLS OF LADING221. Parties to Action, Who May Sue (see also Bailment).  

BBILLS OF LADING222. Pleading.  

BBILLS OF LADING223. Actions In Rem.  

BBILLS OF LADING224. Actions In Personam.  

BBILLS OF LADING225. Settlement of Action. (See also Accord and Satisfaction and Practice 1294).  

BBILLS OF LADING23. Through B/L. (For Initial Carrier, see Affreightment 201).  

BBILLS OF LADING24. Guaranteed or Insured B/L.  


BBONDAgainst Liens, see Maritime Liens 117.  

BBONDEffect on Lien, see Maritime Liens 263.  

BBONDFor Charter hire, see Charter 137.  

BBONDFor collision damage, see Collision 268.  

BBONDFor General Average, see General Average 25.  

BBONDFor Release under Navigation Laws, see Navigation and Customs Laws 1743.  

BBONDFor Salvage, see Salvage 144.